Everyday needs at the dollar store


When I need to stock up on kitchen necessities, I head to the dollar store.

There are some things that I simply will not pay more than a dollar for, especially when the quality is equal to the products found on grocery store shelves.

This package of 100 coffee filters is one of those things. Another is freezer bags. These come in medium and small sizes. I like them for the easy-open slider and they are well made.

For scrubbing metal pots, these wire scrubbers work great and come in packages of four for $1. The soft sponges with the Teflon-friendly scrubbers on one side come in packages of 12 for a dollar and are also good for cleaning ceramic cook tops without scratching them.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes about dollar store decorating ideas at her website www.dollarstorestyle.com.