Pringles tube creator dies, buried in potato chip can

pringles can
pringles can

I swear this isn't the punchline to a joke. "Where do Pringles tube inventors go when they die??" "Their ashes are buried in a potato chip can!" When 89-year-old retired chemist Dr. Fredric J. Baur gathered his family members to discuss his eventual passing on into the great beyond, he told them he wanted to have his remains buried in the invention of which he was most proud: the Pringles tube.

Dr. Baur was working at Procter and Gamble when the iconic potato flake chip-type product was created, and he designed and obtained the patent for its tube-shaped can. According to his daughter Linda, he considered this his "proudest accomplishment."

The tube is buried (with what didn't fit in the can in a boring ordinary urn) at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately, grave decorations at the cemetery are limited to fresh cut flowers placed in vases approved by Arlington, so you may not be able to leave Dr. Baur a bouquet of screamin' dill pickles in a Pringles can.

I was unable to discover which flavor of Pringles Dr. Baur's descendants emptied before filling it with his ashes. Which flavor do you think most represents eternal solitude?