Important News - Maintenance June 3, 5:30 AM ET


Folks, sorry for the late addition. We'll be doing approximately two hours of site maintenance starting at 5.30 AM Eastern Time tomorrow morning. During the downtime we'll be doing some needed repairs to the chat and stars system that the games run inside of. We apologize for the trouble and hope too many peoples' game play are not effected.

Additionally, we'll be launching three games from our beta program; Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin and Whist are expected to come out tomorrow. They have been out in beta for a while but will officially roll out tomorrow morning. Lastly, we going to bring out our WSOP Poker improvements that I mentions two weeks ago. You can read the full list of improvements here: Improvements Coming to WSOP Poker Games

For those concerned about the poker tournaments please be aware that these changes will not affect tournament play.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to drop me a line.