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hotel internetIf your career or your travel lifestyle takes you into hotels regularly, then I'm sure more often than not you end up disappointed in your hotel room. I'm not lamenting your strike-out in the hotel bar, but more importantly the lack of reliable and affordable Internet connectivity at hotels.

In my experience I have noticed a correlation between the rack rate of the room and the quality and price of the Internet connection. The more your room costs the more Internet costs and often the more painful using it is.

Here are WalletPop's recommendations for the best hotels to get online at.
  1. Residence Inn
  2. Hampton Inn
  3. Days Inn
  4. La Quinta
  5. Best Western
These hotel chains have provided free reliable high speed Internet connections at most, if not all of their locations which rate them high up on the list of chains to frequent.My favorite chain to frequent is the Hampton Inn and Suites as I have had great experiences with their overall quality and the free Internet, both of which they provide for a relative bargain. Several of my coworkers swear by Best Western and Days Inn for Internet access on their many trips. Another great place you may find free reliable Internet is at bed and breakfast locations or local hotels, since they are often smaller and perhaps not so corporately-minded. Check before you book your room.

Last year my wife and I spent a long weekend at the Painted Lady, a locally owned B&B in San Antonio, which provided us with fast wireless Internet and a rooftop hot tub -- all for about half the price of the Marriott four blocks closer to downtown.

Speaking of Marriott hotels, they head up my list of places to avoid when traveling if I need Internet access. While the chain announced in the past that it would be offering free high speed Internet at many locations, I always end up at the Marriott which still thinks Internet access should cost $12 a day.

If you do find yourself at a hotel with ridiculously priced Internet access your best bet may be to look for a local library or a coffee shop like Starbucks, which is offering free Internet access starting June 3. Luckily, you'll never have much trouble finding a Starbucks, no matter where you are.

What is your favorite place to stay on the road in order to keep connected? Do you have any tips or tricks you use to score free access at hotels which do charge?
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