6 questions to to ask before you shop


It doesn't take a genius to figure out that our country has a serious shopping problem: our national savings rate is below zero, most Americans carry balances on their credit cards, and we're running out of landfill space to dump the last generation of how video games.

If you often find yourself overspending, compulsive shopping therapist Dr. April Benson has a great list of 5 questions you should ask:

  1. Why am I here?

  2. How do I feel?

  3. Do I need this?

  4. What if I wait?

  5. How will i pay for it?

  6. Where will I put it?

Dr. Benson gives all of her clients a card with those questions to refer to whenever they're tempted to overspend. If you're looking to cut back on your shopping, write them on the back of card, stick it in your wallet, and see if it works for you!

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