Free trees and plants, You only pay shipping.


The Daily Deal for Sunday June 1, 2008

In consideration of the fact that I have transplanted about two dozen trees already this season, I thought it would be nice if I could find people a deal on trees. As luck would have it, I didn't have to look too far before I found, This free tree operation says that for just the cost of shipping, they shall send you nursery quality trees, shrubs and perennial plants which have gone unsold during the current planting season. The work is handled by "shelter workshops" which provide work for individuals who might otherwise have difficulty finding meaningful employment.

I checked out the offer for myself, because I'd like to plant a couple red maple trees this season and I'm having a hard time finding them locally at a decent price. will send me two, bare root, red maple trees, 15 to 18 inches tall, for just $7.95. I think I'll give it a shot, and reserve a couple!

For anyone who might be interested in this organization, you'll find the project description here. For the organization's FAQ page, click here. This organization states that it does not solicit or accept donations.