Obecalp: For the little pill-muncher in your household


My daughter currently has a little rash. Although we aren't completely sure about its cause, my wife and I have decided that it probably came from a sunscreen that we recently used. My daughter, like my wife, has extremely sensitive skin, and will break out at the drop of a hat (or the squirt of a sunscreen, apparently). Over the past few days, my wife and I have been keeping little Georgia covered in an Aveeno lotion, which we have bolstered with the occasional dose of Children's Benadryl.

I mentioned all of this as background to my latest parental fear. To put it bluntly, I'm afraid that I'm setting my kid up to be a miniature Judy Garland. Every morning, she tugs on my pant leg to demand her daily multivitamin, and she's gotten so used to being healed by creams, cough medicines, and Benadryl that the words "Mommy's bringing the medicine" are usually enough to calm her down when she's itching, or sneezing, or has a compound fracture, or...whatever.

Of course, my kid's pediatrician has either prescribed or explicitly OK'd every drug that we give her, but that doesn't reassure me all that much. After all, Elvis' doctor was pretty liberal with the prescriptions; that didn't keep the king of rockabilly from getting into deep trouble. Basically, I don't want to turn into my daughter's version of Dr. Feelgood.