Million dollar airline lawsuit is not warranted


I'm the first person to admit that airlines treat their passengers like crap. And it's getting worse and worse. The airlines are all racing to see who can lose more money, mostly related to ever-increasing fuel costs. The passengers are merely a nuisance. Heck, they don't even seem to care if you have to sit on a disgusting toilet seat for an hour or two during your flight. (Blech.)

The one most predictable part of air travel now is that the customer is not in charge. The airlines are, and customers better make arrangements to deal with them. There is no more last-minute dash to the airport. Being assured of a seat on a flight isn't possible anymore either, as airlines frequently overbook flights and you might be the person left behind.

I'm not blaming airline passengers for being upset. But a million dollar lawsuit against Delta Air Lines because you weren't allowed on a flight and it ruined your vacation? I don't think so.