Sex and the pity party


Sex and the City is making a leap to the big screen today. Did you hear that? Sex and the City is officially premiering on the big screen. In case you didn't get the memo, Sex and the City will be in theater. Has there been more hype surrounding a movie since, um, Snakes on Plane?

While Sex and the City: The Movie may not be as forgettable as Snakes on a Plane, the viral and media blitz surrounding the show may have annoyed more than just a few people. Particularly since, well, none of the actresses are what some consider household names. In the four years since most viewers last saw the girls, millions of degrees have been earned by people across the nation, and millions have been married. Many young girls attached to the show have, essentially, moved on with with their lives. Of course, so have the Sex and the City ladies, I'm sure. Unfortunately, the careers of the ladies from Sex and the City hasn't been as eventful.

Sarah Jessica Parker can be considered the most successful of the stars -- but measuring success is up to the viewers. A pulled Gap Ad and a clothing line at a discount store may not be what some define as a success for someone considered a fashion icon. And, making Maxim's unsexiest list isn't exactly an accomplishment.

Can Cynthia Nixon be a consider a big draw when the most buzzed about topic following her most memorable role is her lesbianism? Who knows? What will bring you out?