An Important Bank Fee Alert: How to Save $300 a Year


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If the weak economy has you tightening your belt a bit these days, you're not the only one. The subprime crisis is putting a strain on banks' bottom lines all over the country since they aren't making as much income off of loan interest. I know, cry me a river, right? But this is important because it impacts your money in a big way.

To compensate for the dip in funds, banks are once again finding more ways to nickel and dime folks like you and me. The latest tactic is a fee increase from the usual suspect: ATMs. These fees can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars that can drain your account. While we can only dream about a world where we never have to deal with banks again, there are ways to avoid these costly fees. Check out my video below to learn about new ATM charges and my advice for protecting your money.

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