You've graduated: Time to clean up MySpace


Welcome to WalletPop's series "You've graduated. Now what?" Our bloggers have a wealth of suggestions to help you find you way through that time of amazing transformation, from student to working stiff.

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You've matriculated, and now it's time to offer your gifts to the working world. You might start by reviewing your image on the internet.

Don't be surprised if perspective prospective employers check out your MySpace, Facebook and other web pages. All too many job hunters have been undone by their own photos of debauchery and tales of drunken or stoned spring vacations posted to their web site.

This goes for other, lesser known sites, as well, including Bebo, Badu, Black Planet,, Friendster, Habbo...and dozens of others.

Cleaning up these pages is only a start, though. Googling yourself might reveal your presence on other people's sites. If you can find a picture of yourself on the internet puking after a night of Jello shots, I guarantee a savvy HR person or company hired to check out job candidates can too.

Even after you've taken these steps, you're not out of the woods. The internet site "Wayback Machine" archives snapshots of the internet, so some of your past indiscretion might be accessible.

And after you land that sweet job, don't drop your defenses. recently ran an article about the topic, including the story of an intern that was fired after company officials found that, on his Facebook page, he confessed that his workday habits included "screwing around on IM" and "talking to my friends and getting paid for it."

The best advice is, of course, keep your shirt on and you camera in your pocket when indulging in recreations that might cause employers to question your character. Wait until you've retired; then you raise hell all you want and let the world know about it.