You've graduated: Now it's time to get your own car insurance


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Shortly after college graduation, living on my own in Los Angeles, my father called from Ohio and informed me that I would have to buy my own car insurance. I could no longer be on my parents' plan.

Because I hadn't started my job yet and was carefully watching my shrinking bank account, I knew that I didn't want any expensive insurance, which seemed like such a waste of money to me, and so when I heard an ad on the radio, touting inexpensive car insurance, well... I felt like fate had intervened. That nice radio announcer was talking directly to me.

I made my call to the 1-800 number, dickered with the person over the phone about the price and what plan I would receive, or so I believed, and then signed up for my car insurance. I can no longer remember the name, but they seemed like a reputable group. After all, they were in the phone book, and they had the money to make radio commercials, and the bill statements I received every month sure looked professional.

You can probably see where this is going.