You've graduated: Now decide where to live the rest of your life


Welcome to WalletPop's series You've graduated: Now what? Our bloggers have a wealth of suggestions to help you find you way through that time of amazing transformation, from student to working stiff.

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Years ago, when I lived out west, there was this giant tree stump in my yard. For what must have been months, I wanted to get rid of it, and I kept trying. I had an axe, and I'd chop and chop, but I could never finish off the stump or pull the roots out -- well, not until this gunslinger came along and helped me...

Oh, sorry. I just described a famous scene from the western Shane, and not an actual life experience that I had. Boy, sometimes I really do watch too much TV...

But the point I was going to make was that trees have roots, and once they're planted, boy, are they difficult to remove.

If you've graduated recently, I'd like to give you some advice. If you want to live somewhere other than your college or home town, make the move now. Not later, now. Now. Well, wait a second -- if you're utterly broke, I don't want you to be homeless in Seattle or New Orleans or Des Moines, or wherever you want to go. If you have nothing saved up, move in with your parents, or your grandparents or someone who cares about you and will let you have free room and board, get a job and save up every dollar and dime you make, and then within a year, move.