You've graduated: Dress like an adult

Welcome to WalletPop's series "You've graduated. Now what?" Our bloggers have a wealth of suggestions to help you find you way through that time of amazing transformation, from student to working stiff.

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No longer can you spend your days lounging around in t-shirts and jeans. Not if you expect to be taken seriously, anyway. College is probably the easiest job you'll ever have, with short hours, a relatively light work load (stop complaining... we know you don't study THAT much), and no dress code requirements.

But out in the real world, it's a different ballgame for those who want jobs and expect to be treated like adults. Obviously, the clothing you wear to work will be dictated by your industry. There will be some jobs in which daily jeans and t-shirts are a necessity. In most professional jobs, your dress will range from well-pressed khakis to full-blown business suits.

Whatever your professional wardrobe, please make sure it's always clean and well-pressed. There's nothing worse than a young attorney wearing a wrinkly shirt and suit. The same goes for someone in a more casual industry. Wrinkled pants don't do much for your image.