Windows 7 on the way: Hey, Bill- why not get Vista working first?


Microsoft is beginning to build buzz in long term preparation for yet another version of Windows, at the moment known as Windows 7. Speculation has the company putting this on the market late next year or early 2010.

I began using computers in the 1960's, and would have laughed in your face if you had told me that forty years later they would still be so complex and unharmonized that even a relatively savvy user would have to spend hours each week just nudging commands to get it to work. Therefore, excuse me if I seethe a bit about having yet another OS shoved down my throat.

I've been using Vista lately because I have to; XP won't be supported forever. I have a license for MS Office 2003, which does everything I need these programs to do, just fine. Under Vista, though, these formerly dependable programs crap out regularly. Do I suspect Microsoft is OK with this, as it provides incentive for me to buy newer versions of the programs? Of course I do.

I don't want a new Windows. I want a computer that runs the software I use without reverting to the blue screen of death every day. I want a computer in which I don't need to know how to access the msconfig file or configure my wireless network or reboot in safe mode and check my error log.

If Microsoft sold cars, do you suppose I'd need to stop and reboot my ignition system daily? Would I have to know how to set a timing sequence? Would I need to know which controls to press, in which order, to get the windows to roll down?

I think Microsoft has made enough money that it should spend some to make computers work better, rather than worse. They seem to be the software equivalent to the windshield replacement company owner who goes out at night with his BB gun to shoot out windows. Anything to keep suckers coming back, over and over again.