Recover your lost camera via ifoundyourcamera


Have you ever been on vacation, only to find, late in the trip, that you've lost your camera? Lost all those pictures that would allow to enjoy the memories for years to come? For many, an undocumented trip is a trip greatly diminished.

A new site, Ifoundyourcamera, has a wonderful solution to the vexing problem of matching a found camera with its owner. If you find a camera, you can upload four photos from it to this site. Each Thursday, the shots recovered from orphans cameras are posted, with the hope that the owner will recognize his/her snapshots, or that someone in the pictures will make that connection.

The idea is working, if the success stories posted on the site are any indication. Even if they don't, I find the random nature of the weekly posts a interesting exercise in found art, compelling in their own way as the weekly updates to one of my favorite sites, Postsecret.