Something random:, $10


The Daily Deal for Wednesday, May 28, is something random for $10.

Today's Daily Deal is something of a divergence from our regular stock of deals. This deal doesn't have an expiration date but your mileage will definitely vary and a certain amount of risk-taking is necessary. Today's deal is from which is a "grab bag" website which will ship you a random something for just $10 which includes free shipping. The only restrictions they place on items is that the item will be legal, new, refurbished or antique.

If you feel up to taking the risk you stand to get items such as a coffeemaker, RC car, jeans, or a tripod. The risk comes in because like these fun and cool items you also run the risk of getting a bee hive candle or a video game for a system you don't have. In the end this deal is for adventure seekers who love to get surprises in the mail. I think I am going to get one for myself just to see what I end up with! Maybe I'll give a few as gifts to friends across the country. $10 for a random gift would be well worth the shock I hear when Jason in Iowa gets a Hello kitty Teapot or a woman's leather jacket!