Little-known things that hurt your credit score

credit score report
credit score report

We don't mean to get too personal, but what's your score? We're talking about your credit score, of course. A few years back, no one knew their credit score. Today, people brag (or complain) about it at cocktail parties and compare scores over the water cooler at work!

That's because knowing your credit score can have a huge impact on your wallet. Being a 640 versus a 690 means paying 12.2 percent versus 9.5 percent on your next loan, and that adds up to thousands of dollars in extra interest!

So, you already know that the higher your score the better. And you probably know the basics for keeping your score high-pay your bills on time, don't carry too much credit card debt, etc.. But you might be surprised at some little known factors that can do some serious damage to your score.

In a world where one delinquent payment-just one-can drop your score 100 points, let's look at eight credit score "no-no's" that pack a real wallop: