Hydrox cookies come back


Feverish cookie fans have convinced Kellogg's to bring back Hydrox, the older and better version of the Oreo. At least for a little while. Responding to online petitions and 1,300 phone calls, Kellogg's is releasing a limited Hydrox 100th anniversary in late August or September .

Get your hoarding plans in order now.

Hydrox cookies were one of the classic victims of conglomeration. As Paul Lukas described in this Fortune story, Sunshine Biscuits created Hydrox and the chocolate sandwich cookie in 1908 -- four years before copycat Oreo came out. Later Oreo so monopolized the market, Hydrox was widely and erroneously regarded as a bargain imitator. The name Hydrox carried such little credibility that when Keebler bought Sunshine Baker in 1996, it relaunched the 88-year-old brand as Droxies. Then Kellogg bought Keebler in 2001 and two years later quietly killed off Hydrox-known-as-Droxie.

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