A to-do list at your fingertips


As I age, and my short-term memory fades, I rely on lists more than ever: at any given time, I have several going, on bits of scrap paper next to the computer, on a notepad I keep next to the driver's seat in my car, and in a master notebook of everything I need to do for the next say, three months or so. Every once in a while – ok, about once a week at least – I think of something so urgent that I resort to scribbling it on my hand. No, I'm not 12, but I have been doing this since I was a teenager. It can be embarrassing if people see my hand covered in ink, but it works for me.

I just read about temporary to do list tattoos on boingboing.net. Each package includes 12 to-do forms you can affix to your body and a skin-safe felt tip marker. I found the tattoos on amazon for $3.45 but they were temporarily out of stock. Fred and Friends, the manufacturer of the tattoos, also makes some other funny, slightly useful products like the irreverent Jesus Look at the Time watches, with an image of Jesus on the face.

I doubt I'll actually buy the to-do list tattoos, but the fact that there is this product--and it's already sold out on Amazon-- does make me wonder how many other grown-ups out there actually write on their bodies to jog their memory. For the record, I also have a calendar, which I prefer over technologically advanced options like Blackberries. I understand these devices are very good at helping people like me get organized, but I will have none of it. I'm perfectly happy with my system, and it's free.