The all-new $1500 mother-in-law suite


Dwell reports that the American Institute of Architects has given BSB Designs a 2008 Small Projects Award for its Abod housing unit -- a $1500 solution to South Africa's housing shortage. According to Dwell: "Each home packs flat and can be assembled by four people with a screwdriver and awl (both tools are shipped with the structure). Buyers can add multiple features on to the original 10x12 foot structure, including a kitchen, bathroom, window-walls, and closets. The lightweight steel framework and corrugated walls can be easily disassembled and transported."

The company manufactured the prototype in the United States but has plans to move manufacturing to South Africa soon.

Given the huge homeless problem facing the United States, these could also come in handy here. They're lightweight, easy to assemble, and easy to dissemble and move. At $1500 a pop, the cost is minimal and definitely worth a try.

Of course they're also perfect for a cranky mother in law. Set one up in the backyard and add a barbecue and hose for fully-independent living.