High gas prices prompt theft of french fry grease!


Biodiesel fuel is becoming the savior of more individuals as gas prices climb ever higher. Many people have already begun to make the fuel out of grease from fast food fryers in their own backyards. CNN reports that with more people brewing biodiesel at home, the thefts of french fry grease are going up just as fast as prices at the pump. These thefts are putting the squeeze on local companies who contract with area restaurants to pick up the "waste" and convert it to fuel.

Just a few years ago the grease was viewed by most restaurants as trash, this changed when people began converting their vehicles to run on a distilled version of the deep fryer grease. As the demand picked up, the cost for regular users to purchase biodiesel has increased causing more users to start siphoning the fatty fuel in the dead of night. The reason many of these individuals get the grease by less than legal means is often to avoid registering with the government and the need to pay taxes for road upkeep which is required as a licensed biodiesel producer.

I think we can all agree that stealing gasoline from the corner station is wrong no matter how much a gallon costs. I can also understand the desire to avoid filling up at $4 a gallon but that doesn't make stealing fryer grease OK. Unless you invent the perpetual motion machine and stuff it into your car you are going to end up paying something to get it running so get used to it and open up your wallet.