Consumer Complaints: Discover sent me a credit card I didn't ask for


Today in the mail, I received a new credit card from Discover. But the question is why. I didn't open a new account. My card hadn't expired. I didn't get a new account number. I hadn't lost the card. I didn't request a second card.

There was no documentation with the card other than the standard "here's your card" notice and the sticker on the front of the card saying it must be activated by calling from your home phone. Except I already have a card with the exact same numbers on the front and the back that's already activated. No activation needed for this card I received today... the card number is already up and running.

Each time a credit card company sends out a credit card, isn't there a certain amount of risk that goes along with it? The envelope could get lost and the card could end up in the wrong hands. The card could be stolen by someone who's a part of the mailing process. At the very least, someone could get the numbers off the card and try to use them online.