Smartware Products: For your American-made green scene

Smartware Products logo
Smartware Products logo

Smartware products, a division of F&M Tool and Plastics Inc., is in the business of recycling discarded industrial and consumer waste into useful and beautiful new products.

Utilizing everything from computer monitor cases to discarded water jugs and running shoes, Smartware products reclaims waste plastics and returns them to the product cycle in the form of items such as landscape timbers, speed bumps and landscape containers. Possibly the best part of the whole proposition is that they do it all right here in America, reducing our need for landfill capacity and creating much needed economic stimulation.

For an overview of Smartware products, distributor locations and sales team contacts, please check out the company website. A purchase from this company may prove to be not only an exercise in environmental responsibility but also a show of commitment to national pride. Who knows, your old running shoes may now be someone's patio Rhododendron pot.