How posting to Twitter could solve your consumer complaint!


Our sister site, Download Squad, is reporting on a cool new way to get consumer complaints resolved, even if it is a roundabout method.

Twitter is a micro blogging service which lets users share 140 character updates, we have already covered how you can use it to track your fuel mileage but now it can help you resolve consumer issues. Get Satisfaction is a company which provides a venue for companies and customers to connect on a more personal level for support. The company recently rolled out a new service called Overheard which listens intently to Twitter searching for complaints about companies in hopes of connecting Twitterers with someone who can help them.

If you look through my Twitter feed you'll find my fair share of complaints about companies or services. I use it the same way you might use Facebook your blog or the water cooler at work to vent about a problem I am currently having. Now that Get Satisfaction is listening, at least I'll feel justified in posting my complaints about CBS' HD quality or the poor implementation of HDMI on my cable box!

As Download Squad is quick to point out, using Twitter may not get your cable turned on but the idea is still cool. If you have the right friends on Twitter you might be better off just asking them for assistance rather than waiting for a company representative. Or you could take the Josh Smith approach and email the company president to resolve the issue, customer support phone calls are so 2005!

What is your favorite way to complain?