Star Spangled Beach Balls, $9.95 per dozen, Oriental Trading Co.


The Daily Deal for Sunday, May 24, 2008

Some of my favorite pieces of "junk mail" to be delivered to my home are the mail order catalogs from Oriental Trading Company. They are always packed with hundreds of inexpensive ideas for parties, gatherings and just plain fun. I even use those catalogs to teach our three year old, words, colors and shape recognition, because the bright lively pictures help to keep her attention.

The most recent catalog I received from Oriental Trading features a big section of beach and pool toys. In particular, I would like to direct you to a special deal on Star Spangled beach balls. At just $9.95 a dozen, these beach balls are a real cheap way to keep a bunch of kids busy in the back yard. Even if you don't have a pool, beach balls always promise a lot of fun! The price is right, and shipping is just $7 bucks more to anywhere in the continental U.S. Oriental Trading also has beach balls in several other fun styles.

For some other summertime fun toys, including an inflatable pool for just $6.00 or inflatable fish for $6.00 a dozen, just click on this Summer Fun Link and it will whisk you away into Oriental Trading's beach toy land. You'll even find floating drink coasters there, which will help to keep your twelve ounce beverages "cool in the pool."

Enjoy your summer time fun, and please always watch your kids by the water.

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