Handgun and a car: The LA special, now available in Missouri!


Mark Muller, the owner of Max Motors in Butler, Missouri, blames Barack Obama: "He said all those people in the Midwest, you've got to have compassion for them because they're clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive." Muller went on to admit, however, that "We all go to church on Sunday and we all carry guns."

The irony-impervious Muller decided to take Obama's words as a challenge, and began offering free handguns with every vehicle purchase. Sales have quadrupled in the three days since the promotion began, and the company has sold more than thirty vehicles. Most customers have taken the free gun, a Kel-Tec .380 pistol, although Muller is also offering a $125 gas card for those patrons who don't want to carry a firearm in the glove compartment.

The irony, of course, is that Muller is doing a fantastic job of proving Obama's point. While we wait for the irony to sink in, however, Muller will continue to sell his road-rage special until May 31, 2008. Get your gas-guzzler and lethal weapon while supplies last!

Bruce Watson is a freelance writer, blogger, and all-around cheapskate. He's holding out for a catapult and Hummer special.