The yard sale addict comes prepared

This is it, friends,the kickoff of the season. It's just before 7AM as I write this post, the sun is glaring in my face here on Cape Cod, and my yard sale shopping companion is five minutes from a shower. Life is good.

If you're going out on the circuit this morning, I'd love to hear from you. If you're still on the yard sale learning curve, here are a few suggestions.

A few days ago, I mentioned bringing assorted denominations of cash. Also bring your checkbook. Often - though certainly not always - sellers will take a local check, particularly on a larger item.

If you haven't already acquired it, you will want to invest in a detailed street map of your sale areas. There's nothing more frustrating than wandering around in circles, particularly these days with gas at such a premium. And yes, as many bloggers wrote this week, many of us will be staying closer to home this season.