Women's bathing suits for under $20


The daily deal for May 23, 2008 is the the Mossimo zebra tankini bathing suit, Target, $19.99.

I was flipping through In Style magazine and an article on the latest styles in summer swimsuits caught my eye. Normally, these articles are disheartening to read this time of year because my body is so pasty. Besides, the pre-summer exercise program has gotten off to a slow start. When you add the shock of what women's bathing suits costs these days, reading an article about swimsuit fashions can be doubly depressing.

This story was different: mixed in with the designer bathing suits upwards of $200 were several cute swimsuits from Target, priced in the $20 to $30 range. At your typical department store, it's hard to find a decent bathing suit for under $50, even if you wait till the July 4th sales.

When I went to Target's web site, there were so many bathing suits to choose from, it took a while to find any of those I admired in the magazine. After a while, I went back to the home page, clicked on women, then swim shop, which brought me to a page where I could choose the preferred style. It seems that most of the swimsuits featured in In Style were sold out, no surprise, but there are plenty of others still available, mostly for about $19.99, and I haven't even checked out the store yet.

Also, if you spend $50-in any department-you get free shipping.