How to buy a gas grill


Summer is upon us and if you are anything like me you are ready to fire up your grill for some delicious summer steaks and burgers! If your grill didn't make it through the winter and you need to find a replacement for a season of outdoor cooking, then Consumer Reports has the information you need to make an educated purchase.
Aside from the standard grill purchase guide, it also released a video of quick tips for gas grill shopping.

One of the best pieces of advice for finding a quality grill this summer is to take a magnet to the store with you, (or if you are really frugal, borrow one from the hardware section.) This will let you determine the quality of steel the grill is made out of, the magnet will stick to the cheaper steel mixtures which typically rust quicker, so look for one which doesn't hold your magnet. The video offers additional advice including the importance of stability, external temperature and the grilling area when you make your next grill purchase.

Since our grill is relatively new, all I need to do is get a new grill to place inside and clean up the rest of the body and I'll be flipping steaks and brats quicker than you can say 4th of July! Looking back, I wish I had known these tips when I picked out the grill. While it has held up well so far, I doubt the model we purchased would pass the magnet test, and without an indoor storage place for the winter I'd be surprised if ours made it through another season without significant weathering.

Do you have any grill buying secrets? What is your favorite brand?