Does your cellphone need to wear a Croc?


Not satisfied with having already shod nearly every human foot in America, Crocs Inc. is setting its sights on your cellphone. Or camera. Or MP3 player. Its new $15 Crocs-o-dial are little shoes that hold an electronic device that you attach by strap or lanyard to yourself.

Seems like another overreach for a brand that has tried to nuzzle its way into clothing, high-priced shoes, retail stores, fake shoe laces, winter boots, and just about everything that could be made of Crocslite, its amazingly comfortable, smell-resistant foam. As Zac Bissonette pointed out this week on BloggingStocks, the company is starting to seem a little desperate. The stock once hit $70, but is now trading at about $11.

I myself suffered from Crocs mania for about a month last summer. I bought some Mary Janes and they were the ideal dog run shoe. (No treads on the bottom mean nothing gets stuck on your shoe). Then I decided to wear them to a bar. I felt ridiculous. I felt like I may as well have been wearing one of those sweatshirts that has some garish painting of a wolf or soaring eagle. Totally uncool.