Yesterday's car of the future: The return of the Geo Metro


I remember getting really excited when Geo first started producing cars in 1989. Quite apart from the fact that Geo was one of the first new lines that General Motors had put out in years, there was something about the cars themselves. They were reasonably well constructed, had cute styling, and got great mileage.

My Uncle Merle got one for my cousin Meghan, and I remember not being able to stop staring at it. Unfortunately, my father had some (justifiable) concerns about my driving skills and wanted me in a car with lots of heavy metal. He slammed the door on Meghan's car, tapped the fender, and declared it "tinny." I know that that was the death knell, and that I wouldn't be driving a hot little Geo any time soon.

(On the bright side, I ended up getting a 1983 Cadillac Seville from a police auction. I liked the classic styling and the fact that I could put fifteen friends in the car, while my father liked the fact that it weighed a ton and was built like a panzer. I put in a sweet sound system and rode the thing into the ground. In fact, it was the first car that I didn't total).