What's it worth to you?

A new site called Ztail that claims to answer the question: What's it worth? The site provides the answer in several forms: the list price at several stores, the average price on eBay, reviews and then finally readers' opinions. The last part makes it kind of fun. like an online The Price is Right. But if I'm not going to win a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, what's my motivation to rate other people's junk or invite their analysis of my own?

The site is based on the premise that you've got a lot of junk around the house that's worth something. The company cites an eBay Nielsen survey that finds the average person has 52 unused household items worth more than $3,000 lying around. The first part of that equation has got to be true. Sure, who doesn't have too much stuff around? The second part, I'm not so sure about. The delusion that your "collectibles" or used electronics or National Geographic collection are actually worth something is what makes packrats of us all. It's why my mom has two eight track players and an unwieldy wall of clocks. Please, no one tell her about this statistic or she'll never get rid of her "collection" of obsolete kitchen utensils.

What I find weird about this site is that we already have a site that does this. It's called eBay. And everyone knows you don't go for the average current price (which can include unrealistic first bids or very preliminary low ball offers). You check completed auctions--what people were actually willing to pay. Even Amazon lets you see the same item from different sellers (including individuals) and reviews. All of which begs this next question: If I put Ztail in the Ztail search engine what would I get?