Welcome To the Games.com News


Sure, it's a dirty rotten trick to put a cute little cat as a part of the first post on Games.com News but I thought, why the hell not! It's a cute cat and it's a new site. It makes lots of sense to me! I know my ladies who play, you guys love animals. And I say give the people what they want.

My Dream

For as long as I have been here I have wanted there to be a community news section as a part of games.com. I have been here for over a year and half and learned so much from all of you in our community. You are a passionate group of game players who only wants to best from Games.com and each other.

The Issues We've Been Through

In the time of been here we've been through a ton. From the removal for Game Talk (which we should not have done) to the redesign of the games site (which many of you hated but are now used to) to the Slingo issues there has been one constant. What has been constant is your level of passion. I am happy to have been able to communicate with all of you over these months and years and hope there is more to come.