Need money? Fight Jose Canseco!


Thanks to DeadSpin for uncovering this gem. Steroid poster child turned perpetually broke whistle blower Jose Canseco has a business opportunity for you. If you'll fight him in Atlantic City, he and boxing promoter Damon Feldman will pay you $5 thousand -- plus you'll get the exposure that comes with participating in one of professional sports' great freak shows. Email if you're interested.

With gas prices soaring, Canseco should have a lot of takers. The contest is reportedly part of President Bush's ambitious plan to help hard-up home owners make their payments. Some of the comments from DeadSpin readers are priceless:

"In a related story, Mark McGwire was seen running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art at 5:30 this morning."

"Tonya Harding. Please let it be Tonya Harding."

"Low blows would do no good considering what the steroid use has done to his testicles."

The Canseco saga continues.