More on LifeLock's failure to protect identities (and its claim that it isn't so!)


More news reports have surfaced about the apparent identity theft using the information of Todd Davis, the CEO of LifeLock. Why is his identity theft newsworthy? Because his Social Security number has been blasted in LifeLock's advertising campaigns, in an attempt to give consumers the impression that the LifeLock service is so effective, he doesn't care if anyone knows his social security number.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article here questioning whether the service works, or if it's really just a scam, bilking consumers out of their money and their trust.

The more recent news reports say that people have applied for driver's licenses using Todd Davis's Social Security number at least 20 times. And they say that Davis even admitted in an interview with The Associated Press that there have been at least 87 attempts to steal his identity, with one of them in Texas being successful. The conclusion that some draw from this? The LifeLock services don't really protect consumers.