Ivana Trump forget to pay tax bill -- give her a break!

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Ivana Trump -- the former Mrs. Donald and mother of Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric -- failed to pay a $145,216 tax bill because of all the excitement surrounding her $3 million wedding to Rossano Rubicondi.

According to The Daily Dish, "Trump was named and shamed by Florida authorities after failing to pay the property tax on her $10 million estate."

I say leave this woman alone. Not only did she marry Donald Trump, she slept with him enough times to have 3 children. Anyone who did that should not have to pay taxes again. She's suffered enough! I know that she received a reported divorce settlement of more than $40 million but still. That's not nearly enough for putting up with him.

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Ivana Trump forget to pay tax bill -- give her a break!
Forgetting to pay taxes? Anyone could do it, says Zac Bissonnette.
He bought the Palm Beach house for $125 million, and had to sell it for $100 million, despite his legendary interactions with the Palm Beach city council.
Using a Scottish coat of arms? You'd better check with Lord Lyons, the lord of heraldry, first. Donald didn't before using a coat of arms for his new Scottish golf course, and the word is that Lord Lyons could actually rip the thing down if he likes.
Did he or didn't he? That was the question after a restaurant in LA claimed Donald had left his waiter a $10,000 tip for a meal.
It turns out that he's not the uber-tipper after all. Donald called the restaurant in question "stupid" and the $10,000 tip claim a publicity stunt. We call it brilliant! (and also, a publicity stunt.)
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