What would you bid to clone your pooch?


BioArts International is scheduled to hold an unprecedented online auction in June. According to the New York Times, They will sell off their services to clone five dogs. The lucky bid winners are expected to fork over well in excess of the starting bids of $100,000 (that's $700,000 in dog dollars).

The company will work with a South Korean firm that has already made a carbon copy of an Afghan. Sooam Biotch Research Foundation's scientist Hwang Woo-suk (no giggles, please) was part of the team that falsely claimed to have cloned stem cells in 2004. This time, though, the company is doggone sure it can live up to its promise.

While I dearly love my pets, I can't help but think of how many I could rescue from the pound for $100,000. Also, who knows how a pet will mature in a different time, with older owners? What is worse than a bad dog from the pound? One you paid $100 grand for.