This is why you need a home inspection!

junction box
junction box

Why do you need a home inspection before you purchase a house? The people selling your home seem trustworthy, all of the outlets work, it doesn't seem like there are termites eating away at your staircase. Do you really need to spend the extra money? After looking through a few slides of This Old House's "Home Inspection Nightmare" you'll be running to find a home inspector, even if you already own your house!

The nightmares come in from homes throughout the U.S. via certified home inspectors who report back on the audacities they find left in the wake of lazy contractors and inept "DIY-ers" in the basements and crawlspaces of homes just like yours!

Seriously though, if you don't already feel the need to have a home inspector check out your future residence and if your bank doesn't require it, maybe these images of lunch-pail junction boxes and support beams made out of 2x4 piles will change your mind.

Have you run into any home inspection nightmares of your own? Do any of your attempts at fixing up your home qualify for the next slideshow?