Is your state smarter than a 5th grader?


Have you ever wondered how smart your state is? If you look closely at the decisions made in your statehouse the evidence may be all too clear. But just in case your gut isn't good enough, now you can see how your state's IQ measures up to its neighbors. The data has been compiled from several sources, which appear to be more reputable than the online IQ tests you see taunting you in online ads. What can you do with this information you may ask? You can use the data to trash talk friends in other states or to plan your world domination plot.

A resourceful person could use the data to plot a move to a dumber state in order to have fewer qualified competitors for jobs. In reality this won't likely work out unless you plan to work in a field without a great future; but who knows, maybe you'll get lucky. From the reverse, you can move from a "dumb" state to a "smart" one to find a better state or local government which won't waste your tax dollars as much.

After I found this information I went searching for other data sets to try and find out if there were any correlation or coincidences between average IQ and the many other factors facing our nation. Sadly even after comparing state IQ scores with foreclosure rates, welfare distribution, number of payday lenders and number of McDonald restaurants, no correlation appeared. So much for linking the looming problems of our nation to low IQ scores using data found on the Internet.