Have you made an effort to "buy American"?


Two common complaints about our economy are the number of jobs being sent overseas and the number of cheap goods imported from countries like China. I understand the disappointment in losing jobs to other countries, especially if your job was one of them. I also understand that our stores appear to be overrun with imports.

But this is all our doing. This is what we have asked for. Americans favor cheap goods, so the cheap labor which is abundant overseas is a necessity in order to produce them. That leads to the export of our jobs and the import of the cheap goods. It's simple economics based upon what the consumers want.

Instead of complaining, I'm in favor of creating industries with skilled jobs for our citizens which will support their families better and give them more satisfaction at work. We are a developed country with the capabilities to do so much more than unskilled manufacturing jobs, and it's time we use this fact to our advantage.