Fantastic Freebies: Weekly download from Wal-Mart


Every day, WalletPop will be bringing you information about a fantastic freebie. Like what you see? Check back tomorrow for more!

Wal-Mart might not seem like the best place to find out about hot new music. Actually, if you're of the indie-rock school of thought, it's probably by far the worst place to discover new artists.

But if you're more commercially-minded, Wal-Mart has a new site that will be updated every week, offering a new song. According to Wal-Mart:

Build your playlists without breaking the bank. With a new free song every week, you'll have plenty of opportunity to explore the latest bands, reconnect with some old favorites and expand your collection - without investing a cent.

The first song is "Libertad" by an outfit calling itself "pacifika." Check out their MySpace here. Kind of a cool sound actually.