Common sense tips for keeping your job when layoffs loom


Layoffs and cutbacks at work are a reality for everyone lately. Gone are the days when you would work 30 or 40 years for one company and then retire. Neither companies nor employees have the same loyalty that they used to. (And I'm not complaining about it. I say that this has created a lot of opportunities for good employees to try new things and move up if they're capable.)

Human resource managers offer up some fairly common sense tips for being more likely to keep your job when layoffs creep up at your company:

  • Don't be the loner who doesn't get along well with others

  • Don't come in late or shirk your responsibilities

  • Make sure that you're really earning your paycheck, especially if you're one of the higher-paid people

  • If you're in a leadership role, make sure you've developed good relationships with your colleagues and subordinates

  • Make sure your boss knows what you're accomplishing and that you're adding value