When doing it yourself isn't an option


Years ago, I bought one of those bookcases in a box. You know, you go to a discount big box store like Wal-Mart and buy these boxes filled with thin pieces of wood, and if you follow the directions correctly and have a few hours (or minutes, I guess, if you know what you're doing), you can put together a functional piece of furniture.

In my bookcase's case, when I was finished, I had furniture that wouldn't be allowed to enter even a rummage sale. One shelf was uneven, so that if you put books on it, they slid off; another shelf was so wobbly, I couldn't fill the entire thing with books, lest the weight bring it all down; and the back of the bookcase was crooked when I nailed it in, and so you can imagine how that looked.

But I had spent the money, knew I could never return it and get my cash back, and so I kept it in my one-room apartment until I moved across the country. I couldn't possibly take it with me, and since nobody would let me give it to them, I had to throw it away. And this is why I think people should be licensed to use a hammer and nail.