Starting a business without a spouse


When people discuss spouses and small businesses, it seems they're always talking about starting a business with the help of your spouse. What I don't often hear talk of is starting a business without a spouse. And I don't mean being married and excluding your spouse from the process. I mean not having a spouse at all.

Why on earth would that be something that we need to talk about? Well I'm happily single and don't intend to change that... ever. I love living alone. But when I decided to start my own business, not having a husband was an important consideration. And it was about the only time that I thought having a husband sounded like a good deal!

Like it or not, it's more common for professionals to be married than not. And when you've got a spouse with a steady income, it helps make the leap to entrepreneurship a whole lot easier. I didn't have the income of a spouse to fall back on, and I didn't have paid health insurance through a husband's job either.