A new way to sell your finer clothes online

Once or twice a year, I try to purge my closet of all of the clothes that either don't fit, are hopelessly outdated, stained or otherwise just been hanging around for too long. The items I can't seem to part with are those that I paid a lot of money for or the clothes that I never wore -- and they still have the tags to prove it. Usually, I donate these clothes to Goodwill, even though it pains me to throw such smart, stylish clothes in a garbage bag and dump them in a parking lot.

Anyway, a new company called Revolve Couture may help me not only get rid of some of my lightly used or new clothes, and I could make a few bucks doing it. Revolve Couture is an online consignment boutique specializing in designer wares. Consignors mail clothing, shoes and accessories to the company, and they sell them on ebay, charging a flat 33% commission (they'll pick up the clothes if you live within 10 miles of Greenwich, CT, where the company is based). If items are not sold, they are either mailed back to the owner at the consignor's expense or donated to Shop for a Cure.

Connie Scholl Kurczewski, who founded Revolve Couture in April, said that as long as the items are new or in good condition, and were purchased at high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and the like, the clothes would likely appeal to her customers. In addition, Revolve Couture carries a lot of clothing purchased in the stores along Greenwich Avenue, a street lined with luxury boutiques. When I looked at the store, there are certainly beautiful pieces, but most of them are still pricey, because they are from top designers like Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. But there are some real bargains: the Prada pumps shown above are $9.99.

I asked Connie about a blue BCBG wrap dress I bought a few years ago from Lord & Taylor. I have never worn it, probably because it didn't look good ten pounds ago, and I'm not going to even think about trying it on now! She said as long as the dress isn't more than two or three years old (unless it's vintage), they would consider selling it. Other caveats: consigned clothes should be new or in excellent condition, dry cleaned and on hangers. Be sure to contact Revolve Couture before you mail anything and they'll tell you if they think they can sell your clothes. More details about how to consign and a contract are available online.

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