Nintendo Wii + Wii Sports, FREE from T-Mobile


The Daily Deal forSunday, May 18 2008

Let me begin this Daily Deal post by stating that this deal is available only in the UK (for the time being). My thinking is, if enough potential U.S. customers make it known to Samsung that they would really like to see a deal like this surface in the U.S., maybe we could make it happen. I think it would take about 300,000 inquiries, so tell a whole bunch of your friends about it.

For a limited time, T-Mobile in the UK is giving away FREE Nintendo Wii systems plus Wii Sports, to customers who purchase the new Samsung Soul U900 mobile phone and contract for 18 months in T-Mobile's Flext 35 user plan.

The Samsung Soul was just released in April and it has been grabbing a lot of attention from reviewers. This is a full featured phone with a 5mp, auto focus camera, and web browser. Consumer response has been very mixed on this phone. You can get the specifications and read about 400 consumer comments at

Now in reality, just the fact that they're giving away Wii systems to move these phones kind of speaks for itself. So here's what I recommend to our UK readers. If you're due for a new service provider and you like the T-Mobile contract, then here's what you do; Buy the phone, get your free Wii system, move the service contract to a phone you really like, and sell the Samsung Soul U900 on eBay for cheap.

There's a Daily Deal for you!