Don't let movers kidnap your furniture!

scam truck
scam truck

Moving is a stressful event, tempers are tested and wallets are opened all in the need to get your life's accumulations from point A to point B. The NY Times covered an issue some people are having with moving services, especially with state to state moves. In these cases a moving company provides a lowball offer for moving your goods, often sight unseen. When the movers show up at your new home with all of your belongings locked securely in their truck they then request a substantial additional sum of cash to unload your items!

If this happens to you unfortunately your options are limited. If you don't pay up the movers may damage or leave with your items and if you do fork over the cash your recourse is also limited. In many states the legislation is not on the books to protect consumers from these unscrupulous state to state movers. When restitution is made through the help of a consumer group the process is often a lengthy and involved one.

I haven't used movers in the past but I have run a small moving and storage business with two of my classmates shortly after graduation. One of our biggest issues was gaining the trust of our customers and assuring them that we wouldn't run off with their futon and mini fridge. Just like mechanics, movers are mostly "good people' but a few bad apples can ruin the reputation of the whole group. Before you hire a mover check out a reference or three and contact your local better business bureau for the company's standing.