Worst poet ever's work sells for $13,200


Perhaps Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's nauseatingly terrible book will become a collector's item. And maybe you should buy William Hung's CD after all.

The Wall Street Journal reports that an anonymous buyer paid £6,600 ($13,200) for 35 broadsheets of the poetry of William Topaz McGonagall, a late 19th century weaver turned poet who quickly emerged as a legend of literature -- but only his own mind. According to the Journal, "Mr. McGonagall quickly became the butt of practical jokes, and was often invited to perform in a Dundee theater. During a performance of Macbeth in which he played the title role, he refused to be killed by MacDuff, as William Shakespeare intended. In Mr. McGonagall's mind, the actor playing MacDuff was merely jealous of the attention he was getting from an audience that had come to see a "Shakespearean treat" from him, he later recounted."

Wow. Check out this website devoted to the great poet. For another great example of the power of illusions of grandeur, check out this clip of "opera star" Florence Foster Jenkins.