How to travel light to avoid extra bag fees

bagsIt seems airlines can't seem to choose a price and stick with it, they are constantly adding new surcharges for gas or extra bags. Next month Jet Blue is even adding an fee for seats with close proximity to the toilet. With all of these additional costs, frugal travelers need an extra hand in order to see the world and still maintain a positive balance in the checking account. The easiest way to do this when it comes to air travel is to pack smartly in order to avoid the extra bag fees which will soon be industry standard.

Thankfully, where there is a charge; there is a website which exists to defeat it. is a site devoted to teaching people how to travel anywhere with just one bag. Aside from the obvious tip of pack light and make a list, the founder has two tips for travelers when it comes to maximizing the power of your suitcase. The first tip is to use every space available to you. Packing something hollow such as an extra set of shoes provides a great place to store smaller items for your journey. The coup de gras of Onebag's advice is to pack your clothes in a bundle rather how you keep them in a dresser at home. This bundling method maximizes your use of space as well as reducing wrinkles in your clothing!
I can't argue with any packing system that will save me money AND avoid wrinkles. It may be hard to break your or your spouse's habits when it comes to packing but if you travel often it is definitely worth doing. Even on one night trips for work lately I have been trying to cut down, if only for my back's sake. You'd be amazed what you can get rid of if you think of your packing list like a backpacker does before a month on the trail!
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